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The Mechanics of Side-Sleeping

The Correlation Between Your Sleeping Position and Health

You may have been sleeping in the same position for many years now. Perhaps you tend to lie flat on your back or flop over onto your stomach for most the night. You may flail your arms open or bring in your knees. You probably have your usual position and haven’t given much thought to it. However, it’s time that you do. Sleep posture can negatively or positively affect the quality of your sleep and health. How?

Because pressure is placed on certain organs and body parts while you sleep, the position you choose can lead to more serious health issues than just an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Is one position “better” for you than others? Many in the medical community argue that sleeping on your side is the best sleeping position for optimal health.

The Benefits of Side Sleeping

There are many advantages to side sleeping. Sleeping on your side keeps the entirety of your airways open which leads to clearer breathing conditions. If you or your partner snore, side sleeping can help alleviate airway obstruction and ease any difficult inhalation you might experience throughout the night.

Another benefit is a decrease in back pain. Since there is less pressure placed on your back while you are on your side, your spine is given a chance to elongate comfortably and reduce any strain. Drawing your legs up slightly towards your chest can also maximize relief. Similarly, if you’ve suffered a hip injury, side sleeping reduces any pressure that lying flat on your back can cause.

While you should always consult with your doctor, it is a common recommendation for pregnant women to sleep on their side. Side sleeping limits the pressure placed on the spine, back muscles, and major blood vessels located on your back. Alternating between sides will improve blood circulation for both mommy and baby.

Sleeping on your side will greatly assist in pain alleviation for injury, snoring, and pregnancy. This relief leads to a decreased likelihood of interrupted sleep and the health benefits of a long night’s sleep are well documented. Our Rest Rite Sleep Positioner is especially useful for this purpose. It’s easy-to-use and prevents any nighttime moving that you might inevitably commit as you slumber away. No more tossing and turning and you get to experience a restful sleep! Ready to take back your precious hours of sleep? Order yours today!