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Sleeping Beside a Snoring Partner

How to Sleep Restfully with a Snoring Partner

You love them to death, but why do they have to snore so loud?! Getting a peaceful night’s sleep can be difficult for those who slumber next to snoring partners. People who report sleeping next to snorers also report higher levels of fatigue, more arguments, and lower levels of focus during the day. However, it’s not impossible to get a good night’s sleep even when your significant other starts to sound like a congested walrus. Learning how to sleep next to your snoring partner can improve your quality of sleep and even save your relationship!

Stopping the Snoring

Before you encourage your partner to see a sleep specialist (although there’s a time when that may need to happen), examine their habits and consider ways to reduce the snoring without seeing a doctor. Being overweight is actually the most common cause of snoring; losing just 10 pounds can make the difference between snoring and not. If your partner needs to shed a few pounds for better health, be gentle about it and offer to change your habits together. Many couples take after one another when it comes to diet and exercise, so this could be a great way to bond and grow together. Researching snoring prevention strategies together can also help improve your relationship.

If your snoring partner sleeps on their back, have them try elevating their head. Opening the airway by sleeping more at an angle – or switching to side-sleeping – helps about thirty percent of snorers. The Rest Rite Sleep Positioner is a simple, affordable solution.

Cigarettes also inflame airways, making it harder to breathe and snoring more likely. Just another reason to quit!

When to See a Doctor

When the simple tricks don’t work, snoring can be a sign something is wrong. If your partner has loud, intense snoring and tends to feel tired during the day, it could be an alarm. Snorts, gasps and then more snoring can mean they have obstructive sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea stop breathing for several seconds at a time throughout the night, causing them to briefly wake up, take in the oxygen they need, and resume breathing with a snort or snoring over and over again. Waking up throughout the night is stressful on the body and not conducive to a restful night of sleep. Many who have sleep apnea also suffer from high blood pressure. Read up on more symptoms here. If you suspect your partner has sleep apnea, urge them to see a doctor soon.

Sleeping Soundly Through Snoring

Some people will simply always snore. When the doctor can’t help and it seems like there are no other problems, there are some tips you can both follow at home to help you sleep through the noise:.

  • White Noise Machines – For the non-snorer, white noise machines can help mask noises such as snoring. These machines can product soothing noises ranging from thunderstorms to waterfalls to heartbeats or city traffic, or they can simply create a sound similar to a fan or another steady noise that your brain can work with.
  • Ear Plugs – While not everyone finds them comfortable, ear plugs are the perfect way to block out noise if you can find a pair you like.
  • Separate Beds – Society tends to tell us sleeping in separate beds isn’t good for the relationship. However, sleeping in separate beds does not automatically indicate there are problems in the relationship. If you find you’re less irritable during the day while sleeping in separate beds at night, this can be a great solution. Just remember to make time for intimacy!