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What the experts say about pregnancy and sleep position

Pregnant women may find sleep to be the most frustrating and life-impacting issue of carrying a baby. According to the National Sleep Foundation  "Some sleeping positions may not be as safe for pregnant women and the growing fetus as others. ...Throughout your pregnancy, you should avoid sleeping on your back. While it may be safe during your first trimester, the biggest no-no with resting this way is that it causes your increasingly heavy abdomen and uterus to press down on the major vein that works to return blood from your lower body to your heart. ...The best way to sleep through the night is to “sleep on your side,” particularly on your left side. This allows for the maximum amount of blood flow for you and the growing fetus, and it doesn’t put pressure on your liver."

How can Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner Help?

This drug-free, convenient, and easy to use pregnancy sleep positioner attaches directly onto your back or snug fitting top with medical grade adhesive, giving you the peace of mind in knowing you have Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner to help remind and train your body to go back to its side if you accidentally roll onto your back. Unlike even the best pregnancy pillows, our maternity sleep positioner will not shift during the night or lose its effectiveness as it works its way out from under your back as sleep pillows often do. Sleep pillows are great for comfort but not great at keeping you on your side. Rest-Rite Sleep Positioners are helpful at keeping you in your best pregnancy sleep position whether or not you use a body pillow for comfort. Keep a stack of our pregnancy side sleeping products by your bedside for convenience and just pop one on right before you go to sleep.