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Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatments

If you are wondering how to treat sleep apnea, there are many alternative sleep apnea treatments available that could help you achieve a great night’s sleep. These treatments can help you breathe more easily without the high costs and inconvenience of conventional sleep apnea treatment.

Positional Therapy

You could consider positional therapy for sleep apnea which involves treatments that move you off your back while sleeping to open airways and reduce the chance of airway collapse. These therapies come in many different forms, from specially-designed sleep apnea pillows to sleep positioners. If you have been wondering “how do I stop my sleep apnea symptoms?” positional therapy could be the answer.

Appliance Therapy

In addition to positional therapy, you may also consider a mouth appliance to position your airway in a way that reduces the risk of collapse while sleeping. This can be a great alternative to expensive CPAP machines and the discomfort they can cause. If you have been searching for an alternative sleep apnea treatment, a mouth appliance may be a great substitute for conventional treatment options.

Lifestyle Changes

According to the American Sleep Association*, weight loss can be a great way to stop the symptoms of sleep apnea. Lessening the buildup of tissue around the throat can help airways remain open during sleep.  One downside is that weight loss typically takes longer than patients desire. If you are looking for a solution that helps stop sleep apnea immediately, consider positional or appliance therapy in addition to incremental weight loss.

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* https://www.sleepassociation.org/cpap/cpap-alternatives/